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your iron fist will never knock me down

your tyranny burns my circuitry

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8 June 1992

goodnyte ;

Do we have some common interest!? I'd love to know. :]

My general interests include:
Transformers, Squeenix, New England Patriots, Tron, writing, reading, slash, sci-fi,
fashion, music, comics, history, lolitics, & other things.

I am:
geeky, silly, sympathetic, a writer, a classic liberal,
unique like everyone else, friendly, so shy it's debilitating, a student, & a perfectly happy cynic.

the info

the fandoms

This journal is 99% flocked. Comment on the FO post to be added.
If I don't comment much, I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just very internet shy. ;~;

Currently: who cares.

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